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About Us

MedEd Medical Editing & Language Support - About Us

Writing is hard. Writing about science is even harder.

You have invested years of hard work and intelligence in your research, and are now ready to share it with the scientific community. But you might find the next steps intimidating.

It is no secret that editors and publishers turn down even groundbreaking research that is not presented clearly or fails to follow conventions. We will help you create a coherent, engaging narrative that can pass editorial muster and reach global audiences.

With a background in medical translations, journalism, and medical manuscript editing, Iulia Filip has dedicated over a decade to helping physicians, scientists, and other professionals create the best written version of their work.

Supported by a team of medical writers and biomedical translators with advanced degrees in science, Iulia specializes in helping English-as-a-second-language physicians publish their work in English-language journals and books, and present it at medical conferences worldwide.

Our team will tackle the challenges of language so you can focus on the future of science.

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