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MedEd Medical Editing & Language Support - Writing

You can count on MedEd to deliver a clear and compelling message, whether your materials are intended for clinicians, patients, or prospective patients.

The MedEd approach combines medical and scientific communication expertise, copywriting skills, and creative writing ability.


Background and Qualifications

Over the past 15 years, Iulia Filip has explored and improved communications as a medical translator, manuscript editor, journalist, and medical & science editor for an educational publisher.

Additionally, Iulia relies on the visual narrative devices and storytelling skills she has refined over the years as a formally-trained screenwriter to educate patients and clinicians through the use of slide shows and video scripts.

Iulia’s writing portfolio includes:

• Developing point-of-care materials for physicians, in various therapeutic areas
• Working closely with a team to create high-quality educational modules, following the specifications of medical publishers
• Reporting medical news based on latest published research and medical conference sessions
• Creating web copy for medical practices
• Writing feature articles for lay audiences and trade magazines
• Writing clinician-oriented newsletters for clinics and hospitals
• Writing patient-directed materials, including video scripts
• Creating slide shows for physician audiences


MedEd Writing Services

• Newsletters
• Feature articles
• Medical conference coverage
• CME modules
• Web copy
• Slide shows
• Scientific video scripts
• Manuscript shaping/consulting
• Abstracts
• Conference session posters
• Blog posts
• Patient education materials
• Cover letters for submissions to scientific journals


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