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ESL Support

MedEd Medical Editing & Language Support - ESL Support

At MedEd, we understand the struggles of communicating in a non-native language at a professional level and will help you build the confidence that is essential for effective communication. Depending on your goals and timeline, we can polish your communication materials or work together to improve your skills.


Improved Communication

MedEd assists ESL medical professionals in the following areas:


Let us take the hassle out of resume building. MedEd will ensure your resume reflects your greatest strengths and conforms to medical industry standards.

Faculty profiles

If you need a profile that speaks to your experience and ability, while making you an integral part of a clinical team, you have come to the right place.

Preparing for conference sessions

• Speeches and addresses
• Presentation materials, including PowerPoint slides, posters, abstracts, video scripts

Communication with patients

• Patient education materials
• Notices


Medical English Training

MedEd’s lessons are designed for physicians, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals whose first language is not English. Our goal is to help ESL medical professionals with some knowledge of English achieve effective communication in various work-related situations.

We will customize clinical language training based on your goals and availability, offering two long-distance options:

• Skype sessions
• Email lessons and quizzes

Areas of training include:

• Medical terminology
• Pronunciation
• Vocabulary
• Abbreviations
• Jargon
• Patient-doctor communication
• Taking patient history
• Answering patient questions and concerns effectively
• Writing your resume
• Speaking at medical conferences
• Networking conversations
• Writing conference presentation materials
• Medical conference checklist
• Writing letters and notes
• Writing a medical paper
• Submitting to medical journals


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